Specialist Stonemason & Monumental Masonry Services

Monumental masonry, memorials, heritage conservation, and stone building are delicate processes which require specialised skills. Queensland Heritage Masonry's team of experienced and qualified stonemasons who combine modern technology with traditional stone craftsmanship to ensure the very best quality work on every project.

Monumental Masons

Our caring, dedicated team will work with you to create a beautiful memorial made from the finest stone to suit your individual style, needs and budget. Contact one of our consultants today for an obligation free quote or visit our Brisbane showroom. Our company utilise traditional stone techniques in conjunction with modern practices to ensure the very best quality stone memorials.

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Stone Conservation

Queensland Heritage Masonry provides commercial stone masonry services to some of Brisbane’s biggest, most high profile landmarks. We specialise in both new construction or repairs and maintenance to all types of stone structures. Our specialist project management, routine maintenance, and structural safety services can take care of all your stone conservation projects in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

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Latest Stone Projects

Project: UQ Centre

Stone Construction - UQ Centre Brisbane

University of Queensland's UQ Centre Exhibition Hall stone facade construction project. The St Lucia campus hall is used for a huge range of university and private events, from graduations to lectures and conferences.

Queensland’s monuments and structures remind us of important historical events or people. As time passes and they deteriorate, we can risk losing their significance.

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Project: Old Government House

Old Government House was constructed between 1860 and 1862 it was the official residence and office of Queensland's first governor, Governor Bowen. 

QHM carried out stone restoration and cleaning works on the building.

Queensland’s monuments and structures remind us of important historical events or people. As time passes ... Read More


Your local stone experts

Queensland Heritage Masonry source, process, manufacture, deliver and install on-site to the highest quality standards. Our services are carried out using many different types of natural stone including granite, sandstone, marble, and Brisbane Tuff.

Our team have been servicing Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, and all regional areas of Queensland and New South Wales for many years.

We offer a full range of stone services including memorials, headstones, heritage conservation, monumental masonry, stone restoration, and new stone construction. Our stonemasonry team's skills can be applied to almost any stone project or piece. 

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