Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you install or manufacture kitchens?

    Unfortunately we do not have the expertise or machinery to install kitchen benchtops and vanities.

  • How much does a monument or a memorial plaque cost?

    This varies on stone selection, lettering type and design. Please speak to our team about your requirement for a detailed quote.

  • What can Queensland Heritage Masonry do?

    We are licensed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC Lic # 1024610) to undertake all stonemasonry and monumental masonry tasks.

  • What does a monumental mason do?

    A monumental mason or memorial mason is a specialist stonemason who crafts headstones, monuments, and memorials from stone.

    The monumental mason is responsible for shaping the stone, polishing, engraving with the inscription, adding images or plaques, and placement of the memorial on site, usually in a cemetery.

  • What does a stonemason do?

    A stonemason is a tradesperson who builds or dresses stone.

    The stone masonry craft has been around for centuries and has been responsible for everything from buildings for shelter, memorial statues, prehistoric monuments like Stonehenge, historic cobblestone roads, and amazing structures the Egyptian pyramids.

    Most stonemasons specialise in one area of stone services - QHM stonemasons offer specialist memorial (monumental masons), construction and conservation stone masonry.


  • What features can I have on the headstone?

    Headstone design and features are practically endless. Each memorial can be customised to express the personality of your loved one or the family. 

    Features such as these can be added to the headstone:

    • a range of stone colours and designs
    • different finishes to the stone - eg polished, sandblasted, honed etc
    • a huge selection of styles including rectangle, sloped desk, double, angel, cross, book, koru, and more
    • inscription style options - cut in, raised lettering, painted, gold, leaded in
    • choice of font styles
    • ceramic pictures
    • bronze plaques or stone plaques
    • stone urn vases
    • etched images

  • What is the difference between a headstone and a gravestone?

    Traditionally a gravestone referred to the whole memorial, being the base over the gravesite and the stone marker at the top. 

    A headstone references the stone at the head of a grave, often upright, slant stone, or flat to the ground.

  • What type of stone do you recommend for memorials?

    Many of our memorials, gravestones and headstones are crafted using granite as it is extremely hard wearing, relatively non-porous - withstands the years of weathering well, offers a range of colours and patterns. 

    We also use natural marble and sandstone, both of which produce beautiful memorials.

  • Which cemeteries do you service?

    Queensland Heritage Masonry service cemeteries across South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales, including:

    • Brisbane
    • Gold Coast
    • Sunshine Coast
    • Ipswich
    • Redland City
    • Logan
    • Moreton Bay
    • Gympie
    • Byron Bay
    • Ballina
    • Lismore
    • Tweed Heads
    • Toowoomba

    We also service areas further afield, please speak to our team to arrange.

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