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Queensland Heritage Masonry source, process, manufacture, deliver and fix on site to the highest quality standards. Works are carried out in many different mediums including Granite, Sandstone, Brisbane Tuff, and Marble. Projects are conducted in major centres and all regional areas of Queensland and New South Wales.

Scope of Works:

  • Fixed price or Hourly charge pricing structures
  • Stringent quality control systems
  • Ability and facilities to deliver on stringent deadlines and budgets
  • Multi-disciplinary trade’s team
  • Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental guidelines.
  • Stone Testing and Selection
  • CAD design
  • Project Management

Monumental Masonry

Monuments to mark historic occasions, events or people or personal memorials to remember our loved ones are crafted or restored for lasting memories. We know the importance of having a special handcrafted monument to stand the test of time.

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Heritage Conservation

Our remaining masonry buildings, monuments and structures are a reflection of the past, built by stonemasons using traditional techniques. Queensland Heritage Masonry has stonemasons trained to protect and conserve Queensland’s built heritage for future generations to enjoy. 

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Natural stone will add durable character to your surrounds. The textures and colour tones of stone will make an inviting and elegant addition to your projects. Our machinery enables a multitude of finishes and dimensions to suit you requirements. From balustrades, columns and moulded cornice to rock faced ashlar.

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Cleaning Systems

Queensland Heritage Masonry is an accredited specialist in the JOS ROTEC® patented chemical-free cleaning process. The cleaning technology operates with an extremely low, air pressure which can be regulated with water and additives in a rotating vortex.

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