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Memorial Guide

Stone Selection

Throughout history, people have made memorials to commemorate loved ones or mark special occasions or places. Today memorials can be made with a multitude of options to suit specific requirements. Before ordering stone memorials you will need to check that it is in accordance with local council regulations. It is also recommended that the suppliers and installers are fully qualified stonemasons.

Colour & Finishes



Photos, images, artwork, and text can be etched into granite memorials of any size and shape. Laser etching can only be done in black granite to allow for a good contrast of colour for the image. A full-size original of the image or high-resolution scan is the best to supply to ensure that best quality is achieved.

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Inscription and Lettering

Inscription Method

Inscription Colour

Font Type
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Heading Suggestions

Middle Text Suggestions

Closing Line/Epitaph Suggestions

Additional Features

Bronze Plaques can be supplied in a multitude of sizes and shapes and coloured backgrounds.

Statues in Stone, Porcelain or Bronze


Flower Vases in either Stone or Bronze

Granite Candle Holders

Crosses in Stone, Porcelain or Bronze