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Memorial Guide

Throughout history, people have made memorials to commemorate loved ones or mark special occasions or places. Today memorials can be made with a multitude of options to suit specific requirements. Before ordering stone memorials you will need to check that it is in accordance with local council regulations. It is also recommended that the suppliers and installers are fully qualified stonemasons.

Stone Selection


Stone selection is one of the first steps in the memorial design. Sandstone, Marble, and Granite can be used. Granite is the most popular and most recommended due to its durability, strength and low water absorption. Below are samples of the typical granites that can be selected.


Stone can come in many different finishes these include:

  • Polished
  • Sawn Finish
  • Rustic/ Rock face
  • Sand Blasted
  • Exfoliated
  • Tooled / Chiseled Finish
  • Bush Hammered

Stone is a natural product and subject to variations in colour and structure. Good stone selection and quality control systems will ensure memorials are free from other defects like chips and imperfections. Colour enhancers, sealants, and chemicals should not be used on the memorials.


Depending on the council regulations many designs and sizes are available. Due to the improvement of manufacturing equipment and advances in technology, there is a myriad of shapes and sizes to choose from. Memorials can be made in many forms, some of these are:

  • Flat Lawn Plaques
  • Sloped Desks
  • Headstone and Base
  • Full Single Grave Memorial
  • Double Grave Memorial
  • Family Chapel
  • Columbarium Wall
  • Cenotaph

Inscription and Lettering

Inscription Method

  • Incised: Lettering is sandblasted into memorial approximately 3mm in depth, leaving background raised.
  • Raised: Background is sandblasted into memorial approximately 3mm in depth with borders, leaving letters raised.
  • Hand V-Cut: Lettering or lead letters in Marble is available on request to match existing inscription.
  • Laser etched: removes the darker polished surface of the stone to show the contrast of the natural stone. This method of inscription cannot be coloured and can only be done on black granite.

Inscription Colour

  • Gold/Gilded: 23k Gold leaf is applied, the approximate lifespan of the gold is 10- 15 years for upright memorials.
  • White Paint: Two coats of high-quality gloss epoxy is applied and has a lifespan of approximately 5- 7 years on an upright memorial.
  • Natural: Sandblasted finish, best contrast is achieved with black and darker granites.
  • Other: Your own Selection of colour.

* The above lifespans are approximated only and should only be used as a guide. There are a number of factors that can affect the lifespan of an inscription, including granite selection, weather conditions, and surrounding environment

Font Type

  • Arial Rounded

  • Times New Roman

  • Handwriting

  • Old English

  • Other: Your own font/language characters.

Heading Suggestions

  • In Loving Memory Of
  • Cherished Memories Of
  • Treasured Memories Of
  • Forever In Our Hearts

Middle Text Suggestions

  • Who Passed away
  • Passed Away
  • Beloved Husband and Father
  • Beloved Wife and Mother
  • Our Dear Son
  • Our Dear Daughter
  • Beloved
  • Departed This Life
  • Died
  • Given Life This Day
  • Taken Into Gods Care

Closing Line/Epitaph Suggestions

  • He lived life to the fullest.
  • Tender mother, a faithful friend.
  • In God's care.
  • The Lord is my shepherd.
  • A friend to many and sadly missed.
  • Love never ends.
  • Loving memories last forever.
  • Too well loved to be forgotten.
  • He touched the lives of many.
  • Step softly, a dream lies buried here.
  • Always in our hearts.
  • Our little angel.
  • Of tender heart and generous spirit.
  • How beautiful life was to me.
  • Love is eternal.
  • Generous of heart, constant of faith.
  • May the peace of the Lord be with you.
  • God is our refuge and our strength.
  • Gone to tend God's garden.
  • Till we meet again.
  • Forever in our hearts.
  • R.I.P


Laser Etched

Photos, images, artwork, and text can be etched into granite memorials of any size and shape. Laser etching can only be done in black granite to allow for a good contrast of colour for the image. A full-size original of the image or high-resolution scan is the best to supply to ensure that best quality is achieved.


Ceramic Photos can be supplied in either coloured or black and white. These can also be set in a bronze frame. When submitting a photographic image for reproduction for either a ceramic casting or laser etching, you will need to advise if the background will need to remain or if an outline needs to be made.

Sandblasted Images and Logos

This list is an indicative sample of what can be sandblasted, pending trademark™, copyright© or registrar® approval. We have numerous image designs for borders, book outlines, logos, flags, and maps. Please forward any specialised requests for approval.

Additional Features

  • Bronze Plaques can be supplied in a multitude of sizes and shapes and coloured backgrounds.
  • Statues in Stone, Porcelain or Bronze
  • Majolica
  • Flower Vases in either Stone or Bronze
  • Granite Candle Holders
  • Crosses in Stone, Porcelain or Bronze



All work by QHM will comply with Australian standard AS4204-1994 (Headstones and cemetery monuments) and council requirements. All work will be undertaken by fully qualified stonemasons. Consideration will need to be made for the foundation, fixing detail and materials, and engineers design when ordering.

After Sales

Services include cleaning, plastering, new floors, repainting or regilding an existing inscription. Added inscriptions can be undertaken to match the existing inscription, these can be done onsite or at the factory.

Ensure no chemicals are used in the cleaning process as these can cause damage and discolouration to the natural stone and inscription. Particular care should be taken when cleaning near the inscription. We recommend cleaning with water and a nylon brush in a trial area. With mold and lichens, an application of a Quaternary Ammonium (2%) product like “Wet n Forget™” will not cause damage to the memorial.

Licences, Memberships, and Qualifications

Queensland Heritage Masonry are licenced stonemasons with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC Lic. 102 4610) and Queensland Master Builders. QHM are members of the Queensland National Trust and are also accredited by the Brisbane City Council to complete the full range of monumental masonry works within BCC managed properties. Queensland Heritage Masonry holds the full range of insurances and can provide Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental policies as required