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Photo Recreation

What we offer

Laser Etched

Photos, images, artwork, and text can be etched into granite memorials of any size and shape. Laser etching can only be done on black granite to allow for a good contrast of colour for the image. A full-size original of the image or high-resolution scan is the best to supply to ensure that best quality is achieved.


Ceramic Photos can be supplied in either coloured or black and white. These can also be set in a bronze frame. When submitting a photographic image for reproduction for either a ceramic casting, you will need to advise if the background will need to remain be deleted or changed.

Sandblasted Images and Logos

This list is an indicative sample of what can be sandblasted, pending trademark™, copyright© or registrar® approval. We have numerous image designs for borders, book outlines, logos, flags, and maps. Please forward any specialised requests for approval.

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