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Monumental Mason

Our caring, dedicated team will work with you to create a beautiful memorial made from the finest stone to suit your individual style, needs, and budget. Our company has successfully combined traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to ensure the very best quality monuments. Queensland Heritage Masonry source, process, manufacture, deliver and fix on site to the highest quality standards.

Memorial Guide Memorial Guide

Your local friendly memorial team

Our experienced, understanding memorial team can guide you through deciding on a headstone or monument, inscription options, plaques and arrange placement in the cemetery of your choice.

Memorial Quote Request Memorial Quote Request

Work on monuments is carried out in many different mediums including Granite, Sandstone, Marble, and Porphyry. We travel to all major centres and regional areas of Queensland and New South Wales. Creating Monuments requires a steady hand, detailed eye and a passion for stone masonry. Contact one of our consultants today for an obligation free quote or visit our showroom.

Memorial design process


Designing the perfect monument or memorial for your loved one can be a tough task. Grief and upset can overwhelm your decision making and slow the design process. Our professional stonemasons work with you through this tough time and, can provide resources to help you in the design process. Such as templates and ready-made designs.

Stone selection

We have a vast array of different stone types available. Through stone samples we can determine the colour, type and texture of stone you are looking for and from there can begin the design process.

Photo recreation

Using the latest technology and techniques, we are able to reproduce photo quality emboss or etched people, places or products such as cars, sporting equipment or logos. The possibilities are quite endless. Photos can be manufactured either in fired ceramic or etched into the memorial itself.

Special requests

No matter what your request our professional stonemasons treat every job with the same care and dedication as if they were creating for their own loved one.

Our Monumental Services

Monuments, lawn and memorial plaques, and foundation stones

Memorials to remember your loved ones or mark special occasions can be made to suit your personal requirements. All monuments, headstonesgravestonesgrave markers, and memorials are made using durable natural stone. They are handcrafted to the highest standard possible to ensure each creates a longlasting place of remembrance.

Headstone and Gravestone

Monument Repairs

Repairs can be undertaken to suit your needs and budget. Early repairs can ensure further damage is halted and improve the memorials aesthetics. We are also able to restore monuments to their former glory dependant on how badly they have depreciated.


Public Monuments, Features, and Sculpture

Queensland’s monuments and structures remind us of important historical events or people. As time passes and they deteriorate, we can risk losing their significance, conserving these pieces of history are important. Queensland Heritage Masonry has the expertise to ensure future generations will continue to enjoy their beauty and cultural significance.

Stone Mason Carving Stone Features