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Stone Restoration

Stone Features and Memorials Restoration

Queensland Heritage Masonry Stone Masons are experts at stone restoration. Whether it's an old stone monument or a great grand-parents memorial, we can have it looking as good as new whilst keeping its historic appeal.

Stone & Memorial Restoration

If you have a stone feature or memorial that is not looking its best, our stonemasons can help.

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We can help you with

Over time headstones and memorials require some restoration due to weather, age and neglect. Our stone masons are able to help you bring new life back into your loved one's headstone or memorial with our repair and maintenance services.

Some of the common restoration issues we can help you with are:


Over time high polish can wear off. This wear makes the stone look dull and dirty as well as making any small scratches on the surface very noticeable.


Certain cleaning products on the market contain acids. If these products are used on marble it can cause dull whitish spots where contact was made.


It is very common that stone over time will lose its seal. When this happens any oils and foreign bodies can cause your natural stone to stain.

Chips & Cracks

Cracks and chips in stone can come from bad ground support, vibration, bad installations, settling or from having a heavy object dropped onto the stone.

Water Spots/Rings

This is quite common and is typically due to water minerals such as calcium and magnesium being left behind after the water evaporates.


There are man different reasons that could be the cause of your stone changing colour. It is why any stone being left in the weather must be sealed properly.

and Vandalism

It is a sad time when you find that the memorial of a loved one has been attacked by a group or individual for no good reason. Spray painting, tagging, even breaking and theft of memorials happen and there is no excuse for it. Once they have been caught the damage has already been done. This is where Queensland Heritage Masonry can help.

If the vandalism of your loved one's monument is beyond repair. Using just photos we are able to recreate as close to if not an exact replica of the existing monument.

Stone Restoration Services

All of the work carried out in your restoration is treated with the highest level of care and professionalism. Our team will only use the best products on the market whilst providing your restoration with:

  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Re-filling
  • Re-painting
  • Re-gilding
  • Lettering
  • Imagery
  • Carving
  • Replication

Check out our stone and memorial restoration galleries for examples of our work

Authorised Monumental Masons

Our stonemasons have been performing stone restorations for over 15 years. Due to our high standard of quality and workmanship, Queensland Heritage Masonry have become recognised by the Brisbane City Council as authorised memorial masons. After all this time we still retain our high level of service, quality and attention to detail.

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