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Heritage Conservation

What is heritage conservation?

Heritage conservation is the maintenance and management of changes to a heritage asset such as a building or memorial. This can be for significant enhancement of the asset such as a structural addition or, general maintenance and cleaning to preserve the assets structural integrity and appearance.

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Finding the right company to conserve your heritage building can be quite a tough task. Queensland Heritage Masonry can undertake any heritage conservation project and treat every asset with the utmost care.

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Purpose of heritage conservation

Maintaining and enhancing heritage assets has a big impact and benefit to the economy and the assets local community. From tourism to jobs, education to recreation. Heritage conservation ensures the quality of life within its neighbourhood is improved. There are many policies and legislation regarding the protection of heritage assets.

Economic benefits

When it comes to the economic benefits associated with heritage conservation, these can include:

  • Businesses can benefit from having their offices within a heritage building or near it a heritage asset as it can be used in directions.
  • There can be an increase in tourism to the heritage asset which can bring more funds to the local community.
  • There is no secret that restoring is more often cheaper than construction from new.
  • Requires less energy than a potential new construction.
  • Due to the asset already being constructed, there is less wastage than a new construction.

Cost of heritage conservation

The cost of conservation to a heritage asset can vary quite dramatically. Unfortunately, there cannot be a set or flat price as there are a number of factors that determine how much the conservation will ultimately cost. Some of these factors include:

Level of Decay

If the asset has been preserved and conservation carried out regularly the level of decay will vary. The age of the asset and how often it is exposed to the elements will also affect the level of decay.

Construction Material

What the asset is currently made of and how hard it is to source the same material as well as the state that the current material is in will factor into the costs.

Construction Type

There are many different ways to carve a stone, just like there are many different ways to lay them. Depending on the type of construction used during the asset creation this will also be a cost factor.

Man Hours

Due to the level of decay, construction material and construction type will determine the number of man-hours needed in order to complete the conservation.

Example: The corner of a carved stone wall is decayed past the point of repair, a replacement of the stone will be required. The stone used at the time of construction was quite common but is now rare and hard to source. Once a replacement stone is found it then needs to have the same carving from the original replicated onto it so it flows with the rest of the wall. It isn't possible to CNC the stone due to its shape resulting in it taking 36 hours for the carving to be completed by hand.

(This is an extreme example but shows how impossible it would be to give a flat fee).

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Our remaining masonry buildings are a reflection of the past. These buildings were built by stonemasons using traditional techniques. In order to conserve these historic buildings traditional stonemasonry skills are again required.

Stone Mason carving a stone monument

Queensland Heritage Masonry has stonemasons trained to protect and conserve Queensland’s built heritage for future generations to enjoy. Safety audits are carried out on buildings to ensure safety for passing pedestrians below and to ensure good asset management.

All Saints Church Restoration

Monuments and Structures

Queensland’s monuments and structures remind us of important historical events or people. As time passes and they deteriorate, we can risk losing their significance, conserving these pieces of history are important. Queensland Heritage Masonry has the expertise to ensure future generations will continue to enjoy their beauty and cultural significance.

Walter Hill Fountain Restoration

Take a look at some of our heritage stone conservation projects - Heritage Conservation Gallery

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Finding a company you can trust to conserve your heritage building can be quite a tough task. Queensland Heritage Masonry is licenced under the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. We can undertake any heritage conservation project, large and small, and treat every asset with the utmost care.

Heritage Conservation