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JOS Rotec Cleaning System

JOS Rotec

Queensland Heritage Masonry are accredited specialists in using the Jos Rotec® patented cleaning process. This cleaning technology operates with an extremely low, air pressure which can be regulated with water and additives in a rotating vortex. This allows for a damageless clean as the blast slides along the surface of the asset instead of being shot directly at it to remove dirt, grime, graffiti and more.

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What can JOS Rotec clean?

Fire damaged surfaces

Heavy accumulations of soot often forms during a fire and this contains many different kinds of harmful substances such as chlorides, furans, dioxins and many others. These have to be completely removed from the various surfaces because of their toxicity. The JOS process has again shown its value here and is preferred because of its thoroughness in cleaning and the low consumption of water.


Graffiti and other drawings on walls often represent an insoluble problem when they have to be removed and there is no satisfactory solution using conventional methods.The JOS patented low-pressure rotating-vortex process has proven its great value here. JOS can be used on almost all building materials and achieves the best results. The paint pigments are removed right down into the pores.

The only prerequisite is that the graffiti must be dried out completely and that no-one has previously attempted to remove them with solvents.

Emulsion and mineral paint layers on plaster and natural stone

Natural stones and mineral-based plasters are often coated over with all types of various paint materials and it is often impossible to remove these layers even with chemical “pickling” agents. In many of these cases it is possible to use the JOS patented low-pressure rotating-vortex process successfully.

Non-ferrous metals

Corrosive matter on bronze, brass and anodised aluminium are abraded gently away and the surface is not harmed.

How does JOS Rotec work?

The cleaning systems works by converting or transforming the energy from jetting water into a rotating motion through a specially constructed nozzle. Air and extremely fine granulate are also added to the water as it passes through the nozzle. The compressed air is used to create a rotating vortex of air, water and granulate.

The special feature of this technique is that the vortex emerging from the nozzle expands rapidly and that, as a result, the pressure of the compressed air diminishes approximately in proportion to the square of the distance, while the rotation of the vortex continues.

As an example: If the pressure of the compressed air is at 42psi, it will be reduced to around 7psi if the material being cleaning is approximately 40cm away from the nozzle.

When the water emerges from the nozzle and meets the surface being cleaned the actual cleaning is achieved by the tangential abrasion effect occuring on the outer side of the cone.

Revolutionary and environmentally friendly

The JOS Rotec cleaning system is one of the only on the market that cleans without the use of harsh chemicals. Without having to rely on harsh chemicals to clean, it does not sacrifice in anyway its ability to remove unwanted substances or material. The revolutionary cleaning system works by creating a low-pressure rotating-vortex. This vortex when pointed at an asset causes a tangential abrasion effect around the outside of the vortex cone. It is this tangential abrasion effect that removes all foreign substances and can restore the asset back to its former glory.

JOS Rotec in Action

Queensland Heritage Masonry are accredited specialists in using the Jos Rotec® patented cleaning process. Not only does this system eliminate the need to use harsh chemicals it is good for the environment, heritage buildings/monuments and also our operators.

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Need a cleaning system that doesn't damage?

Queensland Heritage Masonry is specialists at cleaning sensitive surfaces. We use a range of cleaning systems to give the best result.

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